Windows 10 Creators Update – the best features

There is a lot has been added in Windows 10 Creators Update. Let’s have a look at some of the best newly added interesting features.

Windows 10 Creators Update

1.     Bring your ideas to life in 3D:

New Paint 3D app can be used to create 3D objects from scratch or modify someone else’s creation. Classic Paint has been redesigned with an updated look and feel and a ton of new brushes and tools has been added. 2D picture can now be turned into a 3D object with a click. You can share the image to your favorite social sites or the Remix 3D community.

2.     New Windows Mixed Reality:

Windows 10 creators update has added new Simulator that will allow experiencing Mixed Reality app virtually without using any physical headset. It can be controlled by Keyboard and mouse. It is going to be one of the affordable option available to the market. It combines the virtual reality with your virtual surroundings and even apps don’t need to be modified to run in the simulator.

3.     Cortana Integration

Cortana integration with other apps has been improved a lot for controlling them with your voice and text. Cortana is going to help you in Setting up your PC step by step by asking option on every screen. Cortana can now remember the last state where you left off on other device for certain tasks. But, you have to use same Microsoft account on all devices.

4.    Real-time GameStreaming:

With this update, it is going to add feature of built-in real-time live game streaming online. You can quickly connect with other gamers available online without wasting any time in a second. Players also can stream their own game online.

5.     Windows Book Store

In Windows 10 Creators update, Microsoft has added new e-book store containing Books of different publishers and authors. Now, users can buy and download books directly from book store. Books will be available across all Windows10 devices

6.    Blue Light Reduction

Microsoft has added new Blue Light mode which will help in reducing eye strain. It will control the temperature and automatically adjust the brightness and contrast. It is going to be useful specifically for the users using computer for longer hours at night time.

7.     Microsoft Edge Tab Improvement

Microsoft Creators has added new many new extensions in Microsoft Edge. It will now allow review, grouping and saving web page tabs. It will resolve the issue of opening of too many tabs at the same time. It got dozens of new update in Windows 10 Creators update

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