HTC U11 Officially Launched with Edge Sense feature

HTC has finally Launched next flagship smartphone U11 today with Edge Sense feature.  It can be unlocked by simple squeeze.

Some of the new features included in HTC U11 are given below


Liquid Surface:

It is using Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition by layering highly refractive precious minerals across the phone’s back cover which reflects light with every movement.

Tri-axis symmetry:

HTC has designed this phone in new seamless curved look by bending the glass using extreme pressure.  It has been designed with 3D glass all around 3 axis symmetry so if should feel slim from every angle.

3D Glass Screen:

HTC U11 has 5.5 inch 3D glass screen is designed in such a way to picture should not get distort or cropped at the edge from a curved screen.

Edge Sense:

By using edge sense feature, you can take photos, launch your apps, text on the go.  One squeeze can open open Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  It has 2 voice assistants i.e. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa which can by launched by just a squeeze.  Now, pictures on your smartphone using camera can be captured by a squeeze.


HTC U11 has latest version of HTC USonic which incorporates Active Noise Cancellation that works automatically.  Here, Active Noise Cancellation continuously monitors environmental sound level and quickly adjust to any noises.

HTC Boomsound:

HTC U11 Boomsound Hi-Fi edition speakers has been upgraded to deliver 100% more loudness and 150% improvement in Dynamic Range Audio.  Tweeter also updated to allow the highs and mids to sound richer.


HTC U11 is using Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform with first 10 nanometer mobile processor which has been upgraded to provide better graphics, improve performance and longer battery life.  If compared to its previous version i.e. HTC 10 then Its processing speed is improved by 25%, video playback by 35% and music playback by 8hrs and Browsing via LTE by 43%.


HTC U11 camera is also improved multi axis optical and electronic stabilization system and super-fast auto-focus in all light conditions to capture picture sharp and videos smooth.

As per the Dxomark website which measures image quality, it scored 90 which is the highest-rated smartphone camera they have ever tested.  It even performed better than the Google Pixel which was the previous highest-scoring phone.  The 12 Megapixel 1/2.55 inch sensor is coupled with an f/1.75 lens to achieve these results.


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