How to Remove Downloads Section from Google Chrome Browser Home Page on Android

Today, I will show you the steps for removing ‘Downloads’ section from Google Chrome home page on Android.  Google should have provided easy option to remove this, as it always shows your private downloaded data on Browser’s Home Page.  Anyway, we can use the following steps to remove the ‘Downloads’ option without deleting any files physically.

1. Here, you can see ‘Downloads’ on Home Page showing currently downloaded filesChrome Remove Download Option 1

2. Type “Chrome://flags” without quotes in URL on home page and press enter key and then click on Three dots available on Top-right corner as shown belowChrome Remove Download Option 23. Now click on “Find in Page”Chrome Remove Download Option 3

4. Search for “ntp-asset” without quotes. Now, you have to click on drop-down button displaying “Default” under “Show asset downloads on the New Tab page” section.

Chrome Remove Download Option 4

5. Now, click on “Disabled” option as shown below

Chrome Remove Download Option 5

6. Now, close and restart your Google Chrome browser and go to home page. Voila! Now you don’t have any ‘Downloads’ section on home page.

Chrome Remove Download Option 6

If you have any queries or any comments then please let me know by commenting below

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    Thanks a lot, great tip!

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