New Xafecopy Malware Trojan steals user’s money using mobile phones

We had already seen lots of ransomware attacks this year and now new malware Xafecopy Trojan has been detected which steals money through mobile phones.

xafecopy malware trojan

Kaspersky Lab experts discovered this malware which targets the WAP billing payment method and steals money from victim’s mobile accounts silently.

Xafecopy already hit more than 4,800 users in 47 countries within a month, where 37.5 percent of the attacks were from India, followed by Russia, Turkey and Mexico, which were detected and blocked by Kaspersky Lab product. This malware also can send text messages from mobile device and delete incoming text messages to hide alerts about stolen money.

Kaspersky has also warned specially to Android mobile users, as they are more vulnerable to the malware attacks. They have to be extra cautious in downloading apps. It is better to avoid third-party apps and also to scan all of the local apps regularly.

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