Plastic Screen Protector vs Tempered Glass?

In today’s world, everyone is using Smartphone and once it is bought then we try to protect the display screen by buying new plastic screen protector or tempered glass because even though if it has a Gorilla Glass screen, it is still destructible.  Sometimes, it can get scratched even with any things kept along with it.

mobile plastic scratch guard tempered glass

A screen protector will always help in preventing Smartphone’s display screen from getting scratched or shattered.  Also, buying Plastic Screen Protector or Tempered Glass would be best and cheapest option rather than the pricey screen replacement.  But, when we start searching then we get confused which one to buy Plastic Screen Protector or Tempered Glass.  Here are some of the key differences that would be helpful in deciding the same.

  1. Installation of Tampered Glass is easier than the Plastic Screen Protector on display screen. But, when it comes to 2.5D curved display, then you will be able to see halo effect (giant bubble) because tampered glass would not stick properly on the rounded edges.
  2. Plastic Screen Protector is cheaper than the Tampered Glass
  3. Tampered Glass is more tougher than the Plastic Screen Protector, as the average thickness of plastic scratch guard is around 0.1mm but the average thickness of glass is around 0.5mm
  4. When you slide your finger on Tempered Glass it would be more smoother compared to the Plastic one like the original glass.
  5. Tempered Glass is also shatter proof. So, if by mistake you drop your mobile then it can protect your screen from shattering but they are more prone to breaking.  It is more tough and repellent to oil and water.
  6. Plastic Screen Protector lasts longer but Tempered Glass looks better.

Now, you can decide as per your preferences which one to buy.  If you have any questions then please let me know by commenting below.

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Plastic Screen Protector vs Tempered Glass?
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