Android 8.0 Oreo: 8 Key Features

Google has officially released its eighth version of Android in month of August 2017 under the name Oreo. This version is more smarter, faster and powerful than its older oreo

Here’s a list of new features introduced in it:

  1. Autofill:

In Oreo, Google has introduced Autofill feature that will remember your login to get into your favorite apps.  Users can now save more time while filling out any forms by using this service.  Here, internally Autofill framework manages communication between app and autofill service.

This feature also helps in minimizing the user input errors by removing the necessity of typing same information again and again.

  1. Boot time 2x faster:

Now, your device will boot 2x faster while booting up.  Boot time has been reduced from this version.  Android has improved run-time and performance has been optimized by using memory efficiently and internally storing code locally.

  1. Background Limits:

Android Oreo helps in minimizing background activity in the apps that you use least.  Whenever any app runs in background, it uses device resources which reduce the performance especially if at the same time any other resource hogging app running in background like any game and browsing web simultaneously.  So, Android 8.0 added limitation on apps background work.    It has restricted by limiting background services which doesn’t apply to foreground services and also by limiting broadcast so that app can no longer register broadcast receivers for implicit broadcast.

  1. Android Instant Apps:

Starting from Android 8.0, apps can be directly teleported right from browser without any installation.  This feature allows user to experience apps with material design and smooth animations without installing on devices.  This app can be accessed from anywhere from any URL and social media links.

  1. Picture-in-picture:

Android 8.0 supports picture-in-picture mode which is a special type of multi window mode where user can watch video in a small pinned floating window in corer of screen while switching between apps or surfing any content on main screen.  This feature is specially developed for activities that play full screen video which will avoid showing anything except video content.

  1. Notification Dots:

Android Oreo introduces new functionality of displaying notification badges on app icons in supported launchers which shows notifications in an app which user has not dismissed.  Users can also press for long time on an app icon to view the notifications.  Notifications also include animated progress indicator showing the status of current operation.  Pressing on this notification dots shows what’s new which can be cleared by swiping away.

  1. Battery Life Optimization:

Battery saving method has been more optimized in Android Oreo.  Your battery will be saved more while talking, playing, working or streaming.  It is a most important aspect of mobile user experience.  When any app enters in cached state without any active components, the system releases any locks that app holds where app keeps the device on.

  1. Emoji Update:

Now, you can express yourself in more ways by using updated Emoji where one can share the feels with a fully redesigned Emoji which includes more than 60 new Emoji.  It has transformed the all “blob” smileys into a common circle shape.

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