How to gain more users for your blog posts through LinkedIn?

Nowadays, we have lots of social network websites that can be used to publicize your blog where LinkedIn is also one of the professional social network platforms to publish your blog having more than 550 millions professionals. LinkedIn can be used by corporate and individuals to promote their content using posts by building and engaging with your professional network. It will help in driving more traffic to your website.


How to attract more users?

LinkedIn can help you in attracting lots of users using connections news-feed feature automatically. The basic thing on which one has to concentrate more is to make profile more attractive. One should always post daily updates including links, images etc. to attract more viewers, as any blog post published on LinkedIn will be seen by all LinkedIn connections.
Also, you have to engage in other people’s discussions by providing some comments on other users post to attract more users.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn pulse is daily news powered by professional world tailored to you. It helps in providing latest industry top stories of the day which is more trending. It will help in receiving notification on breaking news, articles etc. LinkedIn pulse can help gaining more traffic and subscribers for your blog.
LinkedIn pulse can help you in getting exposure to large number of people using LinkedIn. Even short articles can do very well on LinkedIn.

Following are some of the reasons for publishing your articles on LinkedIn Pulse:

  • Getting increased visibility and traffic
  • Getting interest based readers (niche based)
  • It is available for everyone
  • Don’t need any expertise in blogging without spending any extra money.

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