Optimize Windows 7 performance by disabling Visual Effects

Nowadays, most of the users are using Windows 7 as a Primary Operating System on their Desktops / Laptops. We always expect that our Computer should run very fast without any hiccups but sometimes system starts to running slow or sometimes also starts crashing.Following is one of the quickest and best tweak / settings to improve performance drastically by disabling visual effects, which will help by reducing the memory load:

  1. First open “run” by pressing the both Win + R button at the same time and then type “systempropertiesperformance” without quotes and click on ‘OK’ button as shown below:
  2. Now, select “Adjust for best performance” option from “Visual Effects” tab as shown below:
  3. After selecting above option, all windows will change to classic view and even sometimes font will not look good.  So, you can select following few options to improve visual appearance and font smoothness.
  4. After applying above effects, windows will also look much better with new visual style and smooth font as shown below:

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