Honor View 20 tips and tricks

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Today, I am to going to tell you about some of the tips and tricks for Honor View 20.  This is one of the first punch hole display smartphone from Honor.

Honor View 20

1. Navigate with gestures:

Open Settings and go to the System > System navigation > Gestures. Touch Settings to learn how to go back, go home, switch between apps etc.

  • For Home screen: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • For navigating Back: Swipe inward from the left or right edges.
  • For opening Recent tasks: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click on it.

2. Phone Clone:

One can transfer all of the contacts, messages, apps, files and more by using this option.

Open the Settings and then go to System > Phone Clone and follow the onscreen instructions

3. Knock Knock Screenshot:

Knock knock twice on your phone screen with a single knuckle and screenshot will appear. Swipe up on the preview to share. One can find it later in Gallery.

4. Scrolling Screenshot:

One can draw an “S” on screen with a single knuckle, the screen will automatically scroll down until you touch the screen to stop the scrolling. This will create an extra long screenshot for you.

5. Screen Recording:

Slide down the notification panel and touch the “Screen recorder” option to start and “Stop” option to stop the same. All of your videos will get saved to “Videos” in Gallery.

6. Split your Screen:

One can split the screen by making a single knuckle, press it firmly to the center of your screen and then draw a line. Touch the blue button at the middle of the split screen line to exit.

7. Swipe to Find:

Swipe downwards on the middle of your home screen and then type inside the search bar to find any app or file or contact or any other info you are looking for.

Honor View 20 tips and tricks
Article Name
Honor View 20 tips and tricks
Honor View 20 tips and tricks

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